An Accreditation office will be set up in UMinho Sports Hall. All participants must obtain accreditation from FISU CIC committee (Athlete’s, Officials and Referees) or from the Organising Committee (staff, guests and volunteers) in order to manage Hotel check-in, event facilities access, meals admission and general event functions.

Accreditation is given according to each participants function and by submitting individual entry forms into the Organizing Committee and FISU until a previously established date.

Delegation members and other participants will kindly be asked to send an individual photo (digital format if possible) of each delegation member (with the name and function) in order to prepare the final card before the delegation arrival.

The individual dossier for each competitor to be presented to the CIC must be written either in French, English, Russian or Spanish (official working languages of FISU), and stamped with a seal from the relevant FNSU. The dossier must include:

1 - a passport or identity card (in one of the FISU working languages - French or English) which shall include:
a. name and surname (in capitals)
b. nationality, date and place of birth
c. a recent photograph

2 - If a current student (Art. 5.2.1a):
a. a document proving that he has satisfied the conditions normally required in his/her country for entrance to a university or similar institute;
b. a FISU Eligibility Form stamped and signed by FNSU and University or similar institute or student card or certificate from the appropriate national academic authority certifying that the competitor is currently officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at a university or similar institute whose status is recognised by the appropriate national academic authority of their country;
c. if a former student (Art. 5.2.1b): proof of the date he obtained his final academic degree or diploma;
d. if a pupil (Art. 5.2.2): a certificate of study signed, by hand, by the responsible official of the establishment certifying the date of entry into that establishment and that the competitor has been regularly attending that establishment for at least two 82) years.