It is the final countdown

Yesterday were played the semifinals of the WUC Handball 2014. There were performed ten games, five female and five male, and some matches dictated the passage to the final for four teams. Today in the female competition, Russia and Brazil, and, in the male section, Portugal and Brazil will fight for the title of World University Champion 2014.

In the male competition, Spain and Portugal faced each other, in a match that ended 33-27 in favor of the Portuguese team. In the game, held at Multiusos Sport Hall, Portugal turned out to be stronger during the entire match, managing to get a difference of 6 goals in the scoreboard.

In the other semifinal, Brazil played against Russia and the game ended with a Brazilian victory by 27-23. The two teams have performed an excellent match, very emotional, but the Brazilians were better most of the game.

So, Portugal and Brazil will be the protagonists of today's final that will decide the world university champion 2014.

In the female semifinals, that took place at Uminho Sport Hall, Romania and Russia measured forces for a place in the final in an intense and balanced game. The match finished with a 29-26 victory for the Russians.

In the other semifinal, Brazil and Korea weighed qualities, but the balance eventually fell to the side of the Brazilian team who won by 24-23., after already marking seven meters. The Koreans were in advantage, but Brazil managed to tie the game (20-20). The match even went to tiebreak with the 7 meters shots.

Today Russia and Brazil will discuss the title in the final match.

In the other games of the day 6, in the women's side, playing for the last places in the general classification, Portugal faced Poland and lost by 21-27. With this result, Poland was ranked in 9th, Portugal in 10th and Uruguay, which had lost the previous two games, in 11th position.

In the struggle for mid-table places (5th to 8th), Spain played and won against Czech Republic by 27-19. Mexico faced Japan and won with the result 36-18.

In the male competition, also in the discussion for the last places, Turkey played and won against Mexico by 31-27. In this case, Japan got the 9th place and Turkey and Mexico got the 10th and 11th positions, respectively.

In the competition for places in the middle of the classification, Czech Republic lost again today, this time with the Romanian squad by 26-28. Egypt won against China Taipei by 34-30.

10 / Aug / 2014

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