Fernando Parente in interview

Fernando Parente, Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee was very pleased and happy in the end of the international sport event.

What is your appreciation about the event?

I think, for what is a standard of a WUC, this one is way above the level of the performances that we have seen in other competitions. We had some difficulties at the beginning caused by the arrivals of delegations and it is always more difficult to put everything as we had planned in practice. But now everything is going well and I think that delegations are pleased.

What were the positive aspects and the main difficulties that crossed this WUC2014?

The most positive things are the conditions of the sports venues, the monitoring of all the volunteers and also the way that the Organizing Committee planned the event. The main difficulties were all about technical issues. We had two teams that gave up the competition right before it started and that meant that we had to waste a lot of time to compose all technical things.

What are the prospects for the next world university championship here?

We will organize the next WUC Karate 2016, in Braga. In 2013, we have the European University Championship of Handball and we will continue to promote these international events. We want to continue training young people, offer the opportunity to work in sports events organizations and also give some status to the university. It will be very hard-working but it is another huge challenge.

11 / Aug / 2014

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