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The show (must) go on

Yesterday the final phase of this WUC Handball 204 started. There were played two games one male and another female, of the 9th – 11th group, and four games of the quarter-finals of each genre. The female teams Romania and Russia, Brazil and Korea, and the male teams Portugal and Spain, Russia and Brazil, will fight for a place in the final.

In the female quarter-finals, Spain and Romania faced each other and the Romanian team won by 25-24. The first 15 minutes of the game Spain dominated it, but in the second half, Romania got close to Spain and achieved a tie 6 minutes before the end (22-22). In the last 5 seconds, in a counterattack, Romania scored a goal, assuring their presence in the semi-final.

In the same phase, Brazil played against Japan. Although Japan has been most of the time in advantage, in the second half, Brazil went better and started to lead the scoreboard, ending the game with a victory by 26-25.

In another female quarter-final, Korea and Mexico met each other. The Mexican squad got ahead in the first minutes, but Korea came to the front right after and managed to keep a margin of 8-9 goals most of the time. At the end of the match, the final result was 25-18 for Korean.

Russia measured forces with Czech Republic in the other quarter-final. In the first half, the game was balanced, full of goals of both teams, resulting in a tie at the break (15-15). In the second part, Czech Republic came to win, but Russia didn’t get behind. The Russian team was the winner of this match by 27-26.

In the first male's quarter-finals, Spain won against Czech Republic by 31-25. The first part of this match was balanced but the second half was more favorable to Spain, thanks to the combined effort of the defenses of the goalkeeper Carlos Cheli and the effectiveness of the attack athletes. In the end, the Spanish team eliminated the champions of 2012.

In another quarter-final, Brazil won against Egypt by 29-24. The first half was favorable to Egypt, however, in the second part, Brazil went stronger, recovered the deficit, got a tie and even managed to increase the advantage.

The Russian male team tried to do the same as their female colleagues and they did! The powerful Russian team won against Chinese Taipei by 36- 25.

The home team played against Romania and won with a comfortable victory by 32-25. In the first part, the game was balanced with Romania being the first team to score. Portugal got better in the second half and lead the game till the end, finishing it with a difference of 7 goals.

In the female game of the 9th – 11th group, Portugal smashed Uruguay with a result of 32-15. Portugal was always superior and Uruguay never had the chance to even try to get closer. With this lost, Uruguay is the last classified on the competition (11th).

In the male game, in the 9th – 11th group, Turkey lost with Japan by 38-36. Japan was better all the time but Turkey made a good game too. However, they only were ahead on the scoreboard once, and Japan quickly turn it around again, managing the advantaged till the end.

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Official dinner with 14 delegations and local authorities

Yesterday the Organizing Committee of World University Handball Championship invited 14 delegations, participating in the competition, and local authorities to an official dinner, where were handed some celebrating medals and there were made tributes to personalities present at the event.

About 60 people attended the official dinner of this WUC Handball 2014, in Guimarães. At the end of the meal, Fernando Parente, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee, gave a warm welcome to all the guests and invited the President of OC, Carlos Videira, to say a few words.

There were also called to the makeshift stage in the restaurant, the Vice-Rector of the University of Minho, Rui Vieira de Castro, the member of Guimarães City Council, Adelina Pinto, the President of the Portuguese University Sports Federation (FADU), Filipa Godinho, and the Executive Committee member of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), Kemal Tamer, to also make a little speech and to receive a souvenir from the hands of Carlos Videira.

After the President of the OC gifted all the representatives of delegations in competition, Fernando Parente kept a surprise for the end. The Secretary General of the OC and Director of the Sports and Cultural Department of the University of Minho, honored the Presidents of the Organizing Committees of the five World University Championships held until today at the University of Minho.

By the hands of Carlos Silva, Director of Social Services of University of Minho (SASUM), Adolfo Vidal (WUC Futsal 1998), Roque Teixeira (WUC Badminton 2008), Luís Rodrigues, (WUC Futsal and WUC Chess 2012) and, finally, Carlos Videira (WUC Handball 2014), received a medal of gratitude and recognition for their work in international university sports events in UMinho.

The evening was marked by cheerfulness among the approximately 60 guests, who also saw the merit of senior representatives of the University of Minho and its Students Union being recognized.

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The Summer Universiade 2015 OC was in Guimarães

The Organizing Committee of the World University Handball Championship 2014 received the visit, in Guimarães, of one delegation from Republic of Korea, (Jung, Guneoung - SCC Manager, Ryu, Soyoung - Handball competition manager and Kim, Sanga - Sport Publication Manager), country that will host the Summer Universiade 2015 and where Handball is included.

The meetings between both OC took as theme the general aspects of organization such as communication, transport, food, technical aspects, medical support, among other issues.

The conversations were very productive and the Handball University team expects a great tournament, in Gwangju next year.

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A day full of joy and disappointment

Yesterday was the last game day of the group phase, with another ten games of the World University Handball Championship. Today will be played two games, one male and the other female, of the 9th – 11th group. The other teams will have the day off to rest and to get to know Guimarães and other cities from Portugal.

In female competition, in group A, at Inatel Sport Hall, Mexico started the day winning against Japan by 38-32. In the first half of the game, the Mexican team was stronger and scored four goals in the first 7 minutes against zero from Japan. The second part of the match, the effort of the Japanese team wasn’t enough and the game ended with the victory of Mexico.

In the match between Portugal and Russia, the Portuguese team opened the scoreboard, but Russia did not take long and, by the break, the Russian team was leading with a five-goal advantage (11-16). In the second half, Russia remained at the front and won the game by 28-30.

In the first game of group C, the Korean team faced Uruguay and won the match with a comfortable result (28-19). Korea achieved a small advantage until the break but Uruguay managed to balance the game. In the second half, Korea took the control of the match and dominated it till the end.

In the other game of group C, Romania faced Poland and started the game scoring three consecutive goals. Romania assumed the control of the game, ending the first half with a lead of 8 goals (14-6). In the second half, the level of aggressiveness and intensity of the match increased, but the Romanian team was victorious, winning by 24-21.

The game from group A, between Brazil and Czech Republic, was a very balanced and exciting match, but in the end Brazil won by 2 goals (28 – 30) over the team who detains the champion tittle since 2012.

In what concerns with the male competition, in the only game of Group A, Egypt played against Chinese Taipei and achieved a triumph (33-30). The game opened with a goal of Chinese Taipei squad and Egypt reached the vantage 4 minutes later. The Egyptians athletes were stronger during the entire game and that gave them the victory.

Mexico faced the Turkish team, in group B, and won by 29 - 26. During the match, Turkey seemed to want to turn the scoreboard around in their favor but the Mexicans were determined to win at least this game and they accomplished it. In the other game of the same group, Russia won against the Champion of 2012, Czech Republic. It was a very balanced game between this two teams, but in the second half, Russia was superior and achieved the victory (23-20).

The game where Japan and Romania faced each other, in Group C, was fairly balanced. Japan has always been the lead, but in the second half, Romania achieved to tie the game. On the last shot of the match the Romanian goalkeeper defended it, ensuring the victory by 32-33.

In the same group, the Spanish team met Brazil in the last game of the day. The match was very balanced in terms of effort and dedication of the teams. However, near the end, Brazil showed a good performance and won by 32-28.

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6 teams already in the quarters

On the second day of competition, the teams returned to the field to perform one more game of the group stage. This was a day of important decisions, with some squads ensuring their place in the next phase. In the female competition, Russia and Spain are in the quarters, as well as the male teams of Portugal, Czech Republic, Brazil and Spain.

The day started with two female games. In group A, Russia won against Mexico by 38-27. This was a quiet game for the Russian team, which was placed in the lead early in the game.

In the other game of group A, Japan beat the home team by a difference of 10 goals. The game began with the Japanese team leading and they managed it till the end.

In the first game of Group C, Poland smashed Uruguay by 40-13. The Poland team was very dominant both in attack and in defense.

In the match between Korea and Romania, also from group C, despite being the Romanian team to open the scoreboard, Korea reached the break winning 10-5. In spite of the efforts of the Romanian athletes, Korea was stronger and won the game by 28-24.

In the only game of group B, Spain won over Czech Republic, by 21-19. During the first half, Czech Republic was taking the lead. But near the Spanish keeper secured the post, meanwhile their offensive mates score twice, and by doing so, they won the match.

In the only game of group A, Portugal played against Chinese Taipei. Halfway through the first part, the Portuguese team took the control of the game and didn’t lose the advantage till the end, ensuring a clear victory by 32-20.

In group B, the Russian won against Mexico by 39-27. Russia was always superior and the Mexican attackers had some trouble in organizing their offense and it was also difficult to stop the strength of the Russian players.

In the same group, Czech Republic showed that they've come to Portugal to win the WUC again. They dominated all the 60 minutes of the game against Turkey, being cohesive at defense, and scoring a lot of goals from a 9m distance. The final result was 32-26 for the Czech Republic.

The game of Romania and Spain, from group C, was hard fought from the beginning, always with a difference of two goals at most. At the break, the game was tied at 15-15, but the Spanish team won in the last kick of the game and got the final result of 29-28.

In the same group, Japan and Brazil met each other. The Japanese team started to lead the game, Brazil was better from there on and got a victory by 36-26.

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